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Landscape Design

Our design concepts are all about context. We consider the surrounding environment, the geography of the existing landscape, and the architecture of your home – integrating them with your goals and desires to bring the setting you envision to life.

Each project is unique; owing to everything from how a property fits into its neighborhood to its owner's personal style and interests, so we understand there are no one-size fits all approaches.  That's why the design stage takes on such great importance, to ensure your goals become our goals. 


Starting with a relaxed informal discussion to convey your vision and establish your overall objectives, and followed by a thorough site analysis and subsequent interview to offer you as many options as you desire down to the most detailed specifications, homeowners will be working closely with Angela Rose to shape a personalized concept for your outdoor space. 


Believing trust is built through open communication and a friendly exchange of ideas leading towards a common goal, Angela Rose Gardens & Landscapes strives to make each working relationship a lasting partnership.

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